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International Towers

New Installations

Our project delivery team will coordinate with all relevant parties – consultants, architects, builders, electrical contractors, and most importantly the end client – to ensure the design of the lighting control system delivers exactly what the customer expects.

Our staff have a long history working in the lighting controls industry giving us the ability to expertly design, deliver and commission the system to meet all performance criteria.

System Audits

Have an existing lighting control system in your facility but are unsure about what it does or does not control? This happens more than you would think, as the facility changes over time with alterations or additions, often the system documentation is not kept up to date.

Ambilux can perform a full lighting control system audit for your facility. We will produce a full system audit report detailing:

  • Complete lighting control equipment list.
  • Current state of all equipment, e.g. current, obsolete but maintainable, at or near end of life.
  • Devices that can be firmware upgraded to improve performance or correct operational errors.
  • Areas and lighting channels in the facility being controlled by the system.
  • List of timed schedules that automatically turn on or off lighting areas.
  • List of any integration devices that connect to third party services.
  • List of recommended changes or enhancements to get the most out of your lighting system.

Performance Tuning & System Optimisation

A misconfigured or untuned lighting system can result in excess energy usage with lights left on for longer than necessary, or at brightness levels higher than what is required for the space.

New lighting layouts are often designed to over illuminate the space, the reason for this is to accomodate the decrease in light output of the fixtures over time. Unfortunately for the users of the space, the lights are often left at full output causing visual discomfort. A lux level report of the the space can identify areas of the facility that need to be dimmed down, and sometimes dimmed up, to provide the correct amount of light for the working surface.

The type of work area will determine the required lighting levels, for example, a typical office space should have between 320-400 lux on the desk. Light fixtures near the windows can be set to automatically dim/brighten in response to the ambient light levels while maintaining the desired lux levels on the working desk.

LED Light Upgrades

As time goes on, the number of lighting control methodologies continues to grow. When replacing or upgrading luminaires it is important to consider how the control system is controlling the existing fixtures and whether the replacement will work with no further changes.

Many current systems have high amperage leading edge dimmer channels which worked perfectly for controlling large incandescent loads; but result in flickering when controlling LEDs. There are many factors to be considered which we would be happy to assist with.