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About ambilux.

Ambilux are a team of passionate lighting & controls specialists. Our team have an extensive history of successful project delivery both locally and abroad.

We are a Signify Certified System Integrator, Helvar Partner, Point One certified with C-Bus/Schneider, certified Dynalite programmers, not to mention Zen Controls, Tridium Niagara, KNX, and Pharos controls.


With a long history of experience comes the knowledge that no one brand or product can solve every client’s requirements. Each product has it’s range of strengths, and also weaknesses.

Ambilux recognise this and have adopted a ‘vendor agnostic’ policy. We only recommend the product that suits the project, and client requirements.


Simplicity at Heart

Lighing control systems can very quickly become extremely complex in their design, setup, and configuraion to meet all the project requirements. Having advanced system functonality is of little use to the client if it is too difficult use.

Some of the best systems in fact require no intervention from the client at all, but rather operate autonomously in the background. Our point of difference is the ability to work complexity into a user experience that is both simple and easy to operate for the client.

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