PADPA Antumbra Display


Contemporary button panel with LCD display
The Philips Antumbra Display user interface provides a central LCD display to present multiple pages of functions and system information. It incorporates the latest in field effect technology. The contemporary design features a number of button configurations, with each button capable of local or site-wide control functions. The PADPA range is suitable for, but not limited to, North American, South American, Australian and New Zealand markets.

  • Field effect technology – The user interface detects an approaching user and ‘wakes up’, initiating a wall-wash lighting effect to encourage interaction.
  • Supplied as two components – The Application Module contains buttons, rim, base and mounting plate, which can be mixed and matched to suit décor. The Communication Module contains all of the logical and network functions and is pre-programmed off-site, allowing commissioning to commence prior to finish options being finalized.
  • Hidden sensory inputs – An internal light sensor measures ambient light and adjusts light wash effect accordingly. A built-in temperature sensor automatically adjusts air conditioning when integrated into the system.
  • Multiple language and icon labelling – Display labelling language choices include English, Chinese and Arabic. A library of common icons transcends language barriers, which is particularly useful in hospitality applications. Button labelling not available.
  • Central LCD – Allows for display of system information including temperature, time, channel level and current scene. Button function can change when navigating between up to 16 pages.
  • Selection of rim and fascia options – Allows décor matching to suit any environment.

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