DynamicTouch iOS App


Fully tailored to customer needs

The Philips Dynalite customizable mobile app provides intelligent system control, via an iOS hand-held device. Suited to both residential and commercial control applications, multiple integrated systems can be easily controlled with single preset scenarios. It is fully customizable, providing the user with the ability to fine-tune both the system and the appearance of the interface itself.

  • Fully customizable – The page layout and graphical design of this app can be customized by the installer to meet the exact requirements of the end-user. It is the ideal choice in applications such as boardrooms, where high levels of control are required for multiple systems through a single app.
  • Effortless control – Users can view current system status and make adjustments to lighting, HVAC, blinds and other equipment connected to the Philips Dynalite control network.
  • Control individual lighting channels – Adjust standard light sources via sliders, with an option to control tuneable white fixtures and RGB colour settings.
  • Single-click control – Recall predefined user preferences for lighting, blinds, heating and entertainment systems.
  • Available for Apple iOS devices only – iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and iPod Touch.
  • Simple Ethernet connection – Requires a Philips Dynalite Ethernet Gateway and a Wi-Fi router to connect to a Philips Dynalite system.

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