DDRC-GRMS-E Switching Room Controller


Fully networked relay control solution
The Philips Dynalite DDRC-GRMS-E controller is a compact, versatile room automation and energy management solution with bridging functionality between the Ethernet LAN and connected DyNet devices. Bespoke pre-configuration allows deployment without the need for commissioning software.

Incorporating switching relays and DMX for dimming and color control, every aspect of this device has been designed to be feature-rich and cost-effective.

  • Single box solution – Compact design allows for small installation footprint and reduced cabling for a simpler and faster installation.
  • Inbuilt Ethernet port – Directly connecting to a site’s Ethernet LAN, the device can securely report its status and pass network messages.
  • Pre-programmed – Can be preloaded with a bespoke configuration to immediately meet the project’s needs from the moment it powers up.
  • Powerful processor – The internal processor allows the device to perform advanced scripted functions and provide automated intelligent responses to multiple inputs.
  • Mixture of switching relays – Supports a combination of different relay ratings and types for a perfect blend of performance and cost-effectiveness.
  • 18 dry contact inputs – Allows simple integration with third-party devices and systems.
  • 64 channel DMX output – Adds colour and dimming control for a touch of theatrics.
  • UL924 Input – Integrates seamlessly with compatible emergency systems.
  • Four 12 V digital outputs – Designed to drive room status indicator LEDs in common cathode configuration, and trigger additional devices such as doorbells.
  • 300 mA DyNet output – Directly support the requirements of DyNet devices without the need for an additional network power supply.
  • Unique LAN addressing – Two banks of DIP switches allow the installer to manually set the device’s network identification.

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