DMAL120F Active Load


Reduces lamp flicker and improves dimming performance

The Philips Dynalite DMAL120F provides correct load conditions for leading edge dimmers, delivering improved dimming performance and reduced lamp flicker in LED and CFL light sources. It achieves this by connecting across the Line and Neutral wires at any point along a lighting circuit.

  • Reduces capital outlay – Allows continued use of leading-edge dimming methodology when lamps have been updated to more efficient LED and CFL technologies.
  • Equally suitable for trailing edge dimming – Delivers a better dimming range on LED and CFL light sources.
  • Compact design – Enables the unit to be mounted directly within the same enclosure as the load controller, or in the field with LED & CFL lamps.
  • Note – This device is not suitable for elimination of LED flicker resulting from mains supply instability.

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